Summer Educational Activities for Kids

School’s out for summer! But the learning can continue. Keep everyone engaged (and, let’s admit it, sane) with these educational and fun activities this summer.


  • Check out all the sports leagues for kids available at the Parker Recreation Center. An added bonus: they offer a ton of fun stuff for moms!
  • How about some quality time with animals? Forget the crowded zoo – spend a day on horseback at the Parker Riding Academy. Learn all about our equine friends who are integral to Colorado’s history.


  • Kids can stay cool while they learn valuable self-defense and confidence lessons in Competitive Edge’s mixed martial arts classes. Take advantage of an air conditioned opportunity for them to be active this summer!
  • Parker Dance Academy is offering dance classes for all ages (and all levels) during June and July. Activities go beyond ballet and jazz to include arts, crafts, and all kinds of fun.

Summer Camps

  • It’s official. The robots are taking over. Give humanity one last chance by sending your earthling to STEAM’s Science & Robotics camp where they will learn to fly drones. This summer camp focuses on real-life applications of scientific principles and technology.
  • The PACE Center is offering an impressive variety of Parker Arts summer break camps. Campers may choose half-day or whole-day camps, and can mix and match their preferred classes, including options such as: Music and Dance, Theatre, Science, Cooking, Arts, Robotics, and Multi-Media Camps.
  • Don’t forget to check out the many programs offered by the Parker YMCA, such as soccer lessons, swimming lessons, gym activities, and much more.

With all these options, it will be easy to find lots to do—or, ahem, lots to learn—around Parker this summer. Stay cool.

Residents of Pradera will enjoy a wide array of activities this summer in their own backyard. Relax over dinner and drinks at the Club at Pradera after a leisurely day of golf. Or, spend the day in one of the area’s beautiful parks before dining downtown. Leave the learning to the kids.
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