Stay Nourished: Ideas for Healthy Back-to-School Lunches and Snacks

It’s back-to-school time! The summer months have flown by, but the turning of the calendar page means the structure and routine of the school year are upon us. In early August, backpack-laden children across Douglas County will be headed back to the classroom. What a great opportunity to start the year off right—with lunch boxes chock-full of healthy, nutritious goodies! 

At Pradera, families are fortunate to attend renowned Douglas County School District schools, where students receive an well-rounded education that sets them up for lifelong success. Why not ensure they are ready to learn and perform at their best? Wholesome food is just the ticket! Delicious, balanced lunches and snacks are key to helping students thrive.

Here are some tips for preparing healthful, satisfying lunches that will keep your kiddo energized throughout the school day: 

Offer balanced bites: A variety of foods boasting a variety of nutrients in a variety of colors is the goal in a balanced lunch. Pair protein-packed almond butter with an antioxidant-rich apple. Pack smooth, fiber-filled hummus alongside beta-carotene-loaded carrots. Include a granola bar full of oats, dried fruit, and seeds for a sweet treat.

Encourage participation: Kids can be a big help in making their own lunches and snacks. First, they can participate in the preparation of food and bagging of lunch-sized portions. Next, every morning they can select from what’s available and fill their own lunch boxes.

Mix it up: The lunch sandwich is a reliable standby, an easy anchor item in any lunch box, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up. Need some ideas for non-sandwich main courses? Check out these yummy favorites:

  • Bean, cheese, and rice burritos
  • Tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa
  • Veggie pasta salad
  • Nut butter and nutella roll ups
  • Meat, cheese, and veggie kabobs
  • Crackers and chicken salad

Make it fun: Why not create a homemade version of Lunchables? Bento boxes are perfect vessels for this. Kids love to build their own creations with a variety of ingredients. Rotate different cheeses and crackers, add some slices of cucumbers or pickles or apples, supplement with fruits and veggies on the side, and know your kiddo will delight in finger foods for lunch. 

A new school year brings with it exciting change: a fresh routine, new friends, and limitless possibilities for growth. Help your kiddo thrive by providing nourishing lunches and snacks. 

Prepare delicious, nutritious school snacks and lunches in the kitchen of your custom home at Pradera, Douglas County’s coveted master-planned luxury community. Boasting an impressive list of community amenities, including a year-round golf course, Pradera offers luxury at every turn. Visit us today and begin your journey toward an enhanced Colorado lifestyle.

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