Proactive Protection: A Checklist to Winterize Your Home

Colorado’s Front Range is an amazing place to live. The scenery is stunning, recreational opportunities are abundant, and the climate can’t be beat. 

Many associate the area with cold weather and heaps of snow. Though it does get cold here, and it certainly snows, we also enjoy 300+ days of sunshine and vibrant blue skies. The sparkling snow typically doesn’t stick around for long, at least in the Pradera community. Our award-winning golf course is open year-round! But even with this ideal climate, winterizing your home is more than a good idea . . . it’s a must. 

Winterize Like a Pro

A beautiful brand-new home is an investment. Maintain your investment all winter long with these simple checklists:

Recommendations for the Home’s Interior

Stay warm all season long and keep your home’s interior in peak condition: 

  • Swap: Replace dusty furnace filters with clean ones. Check the sizes you’ll need and stock up: experts recommend these be changed every one to three months.
  • Tune: Your home’s water heater and furnace are winter workhorses. Schedule a tune up and maintain these systems to ward off the unexpected. This proactivity will save you money, time, and lifestyle disruptions throughout the cold season.  
  • Set and forget: A programmable thermostat is your friend year-round. To lessen your utility bill, the Department of Energy recommends setting this technology to hold at 68 degrees when family members are home during winter; it’s OK to drop a few degrees if the house is empty or at nighttime. 
  • Cover: Have big, beautiful windows in your Pradera home? Of course you do! Dress them with insulating blinds and heat-trapping thermal curtains to keep out the chill. 
  • Line: Add weatherstripping to doors and windows and enjoy a comfortable, draftless indoor environment.
  • Sweep: Buy or make door sweeps for exterior doors and window sills.

Recommendations for the Home’s Exterior

Maintaining the exterior of your home throughout winter is as easy as checking off each box on this simple list:

  • Clear: Remove debris from gutters and downspouts so they drain properly; if you dislike this chore, consider installing guards to prevent the gutters from filling in the first place. 
  • Stow: Are you a grill master? Invest in a cover for this tool to protect it all winter long. Cover or stow your patio furniture, and bring in all planters and yard tools. 
  • Undo: A burst pipe is no fun. Disconnect and drain all hoses and exterior water lines.
  • Check: Inspect your roof for missing, faulty, or deteriorating shingles and replace as needed. Also look to ensure all flashing is in proper condition.
  • Seal: Caulk areas prone to draftiness, such as windows and doors, and fill any gaps around openings such as spickets, electrical outlets, and wall lights. 

Bonus Tip #1: The worst time to realize your shovel is broken (or nonexistent!) is when six inches of snow are blanketing your driveway. Be prepared: procure any cold-weather tools you’ll need, top off the snow blower’s fuel tank, and fill your flashlights with fresh batteries.

Bonus Tip #2: Save yourself some time by investing in a roof rake, designed specifically to clear your roof’s edges of snow. Heat cables also work wonders to melt accumulated snow.

Nestled along the rolling hills of Douglas County, Pradera is the area’s premier master-planned luxury community. Residents enjoy a year-round private golf course in an ideal climate. Find inspiration in spacious, stunning brand-new homes from award-winning builder Celebrity Custom Homes. Contact us today and begin your journey toward luxurious living.

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