Private Schools in Parker

Education is a priority in Parker, and the Douglas County school district offers many public options to choose from at all levels. These schools are highly ranked for teacher quality, curriculum design and implementation, the variety of extracurricular activities, and even environmental sustainability and creativity.

Additionally, there are 9 private schools in Parker, giving Pradera residents plenty of options for their kids’ education. Here is an overview of their academic programs and services.


The Goddard School prides itself in offering much more than traditional daycare facilities, including play-based educational activities, individualized care, and attention to curriculum development. This accredited institution has earned multiple certifications and accolades for educational quality, as well as many recent awards from Colorado Parents and Family.

Little Blessings Preschool, a Christian preschool and kindergarten, offers educational and developmental programs for kids ages 2 through 5. Their mission is to work with parents and families to provide well-rounded educational and spiritual development for kids. To support families, they provide supplemental care beyond preschool hours.

Parker Montessori Educational Institute is known for its attention to critical thinking and experiential learning that is central to all Montessori schools. Offering educational programs for infants, toddlers, preschool, and kindergarteners (ages birth through 6 years), it has been voted the best program in Parker for the last 5 years.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade

Ave Maria Catholic School received the Best of the Best Award 2017 for best school as well as best teacher, and encourages students to work and pray hard. It combines a traditional Catholic education with advanced technology and curriculum design techniques.

Southeast Christian School prides itself as being “more than just a school.” It is a community of students, teachers, staff, and families who work together to create a Christ-centered, competitive academic experience designed to prepare students for a lifetime of success.

High School

Lutheran High School promotes academic engagement and encourages growth in Christ by actively committing to a positive environment. LuHi students interact with faculty, staff, and coaches who follow 9 core values regarding Christian and learning principles.

Pradera residents can check out more information about schools in Douglas County on their community website. Or, take a break from academics and enjoy the many fall festivals and community events taking place this season!

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