How to Use Essential Oils at Home

Essential oils have many health benefits as well as uses around the home. From bolstering your immune system to adding a lovely fragrance to your home, these applications are natural, affordable, and effective. Consider the following tips and tricks this winter.

4 Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

  • The calming scents of essential oils such as rosemary, basil, and lemon have been proven to improve mood, boost energy, and enhance clarity of thinking and concentration. Many people report that their sleep has improved, too!
  • Putting essential oils in a diffuser will add a fresh scent to your room without the danger of fires that candles and and incense present. In the summer, use lemongrass and citronella to naturally repel pests.
  • Essential oils are great for healing skin wounds, for providing pain relief, and for reducing inflammation. In other words, they are great for the aches and pains of daily life!
  • Anti-microbial essential oils such as eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint, and clove can boost the immune system. These oils can kill airborne viruses while also supporting the respiratory system.

Check out this practical information about essential oils to use on the body and diffused throughout the home or office. Additionally, this is a helpful source for essential oil recipes to get you started. This season is an opportune time to become more familiar with these natural resources; they are readily available throughout Colorado!

Pradera residents have beautiful homes to fill with the fragrance of essential oils. Once rested and rejuvenated, they have access to the very best community amenities, award-winning schools, and much more!

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