Embrace Autumn: Ideas for Inviting Fall Porch Decor

It’s a crisp Sunday Colorado afternoon and you’re out for a drive, enjoying the warm sun under a vibrant blue sky. Yellow aspen leaves pop along the Rocky Mountains to the west, and orange leaves blaze from the scrub oak dotting the rolling landscape around Pradera. Autumn has arrived. 

Cruising neighborhood streets in the final months of the year, scoping out the decorative stamp homeowners put on their houses, is simply fun. How does your front porch measure up? Is it inviting? Does it reflect your style? Read on for ideas to ensure your seasonal decorative touches are inspiring to visitors and passersby alike. 

Front Porch Decor for Any Style

Fabulous front porch decor starts with a theme. Will you go for a rustic look, or is minimalism more your speed? Do you want to subtly accentuate the surrounding landscape or stand out with maximalist, over-the-top selections? Perhaps spooky is the vibe you want to portray . . . Whatever the case, choose your theme and begin assembling complementary pieces that will help you achieve the look you desire. 

Check out these elements that capture the feeling of fall: 


Nothing quite says “autumn cozy” like plaid. Hang some blankets from a rustic ladder, drape over the back of a rocking chair, or spread across the top of a straw bale. Here are some typical fall-friendly color matchups:

  • Black & white buffalo plaid
  • Red & black tartan plaid
  • Orange & cream gingham plaid
  • Blue, red, yellow & green madras plaid

Pumpkins & Gourds: 

These are the ultimate in versatility. From palm sized to beach ball sized, tall and slender to wide and squat, squashes are quintessentially autumnal. And their colors? They offer the greatest room to play. Hues of whites, greens, oranges, and blues mix and match seamlessly with striped varieties. Painted, carved, stacked in a bottom-heavy topiary . . . pumpkin possibilities are plentiful.


An autumn classic, the chrysanthemum is hardy; easy to care for; and brings a soft, natural touch to any decor style. Line potted plants along your stairs or grow them perennially flanking your sidewalk. Mums come in a variety of colors, but the best for fall are as follows: 

  • Creamy white
  • Bold yellow
  • Burnt orange
  • Deep red

Fall Foliage: 

A hike in nearby Castlewood Canyon State Park to collect fallen leaves and other items from nature is an excellent way to achieve a rustic look. Alternatively, a visit to your local craft store may result in a selection of faux foliage that can be used year after year. 


Who can resist a hand-painted wooden sign propped beside the front door? Talk about welcoming! Popular seasonal sayings include the following:

  • Harvest
  • Welcome
  • Fall
  • Grateful
  • Pumpkin

Odds & Ends: 

Special touches can impart the feel of autumn in any theme. These are some versatile options:

  • Corncobs
  • Accent pillows
  • Bundles of wheat
  • Wreath

Festive Finishes: 

Want a festive, spooky feel? Halloween-esque decor is the way to go! Kiddos in the neighborhood will delight in your effort. Here are some fan favorites: 

  • Witches hat
  • Spiders and web
  • Cauldron 
  • Skeleton

Get in the spirit and welcome the crisp fall season with front porch flair. Have fun, and happy autumn!

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