Decorate Like a Pro: Stylish Bookshelves

We’ve all done it: packed a bookshelf to its edges until it’s bursting with books, magazines, games . . . you name it. But did you know there’s a better way? 

Interior designers in recent years have helped shed light on the incredible power bookshelves have to bring style to one’s home. In short, less is more: more interesting, more impactful, and more aesthetically pleasing. 

How do you store your books and treasures? Through a creative mix of items and orientations, you can add interest to any room with a stylish bookshelf display. 

Oh, the Options: Types of Bookshelves

First things first: choose a bookshelf that reflects your style. Here are some options:


The beauty of freestanding furniture lies in its movability. Made of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and linoleum, these age-old shelves get the job done. Here are some typical styles:

  • Standard
  • Leaning (ladder-like) 
  • Barrister
  • Cube
  • Modular 


Maximize storage and vertical space with built-in shelves. These often reach floor to ceiling and add character and texture to a room.


Floating shelves are sophisticated and elegant and offer a minimalistic vibe.


Wall-mounted shelves come in a variety of styles, from boxes and baskets to hexagons and corner-situated boards. 

Shelf-worthy Items and How to Display Them

Dress up your space and express your style with these must-have shelf toppers:


Books bring character to a home, whether through visual effect (such as an antique hardcover or a colorful binding) or intrigue (titles that reflect your personality and interests). Capitalize on the orientation of these books—some stacked horizontally, others upright—for optimal aesthetics, and don’t display too many.  


Whether it’s plump succulents, spiky cacti, or cascading vines, plants—and their pots!—can boost the interest of any shelf, not to mention pull double duty cleaning the air in your space. 


Include framed artwork or photographs in a variety of sizes to bring texture and style to your shelves. Mix it up with a vibrant color scheme, or be bold with black and white.


Do you have a treasure from a favorite vacation? Don’t hide it away—display it and be reminded daily of your adventures! Use each item like a paperweight on a horizontal stack of books, as a bookend for vertical books, or as a stand-alone attention-grabber.  


Cloth-lined baskets are an excellent storage solution for low shelves, while wide wooden bowls, small pillows, candles, and vases add visual pizzazz to higher shelves. 

It’s easy to bring style to any room and decorate your bookshelves like a pro. Display beloved books and items to delight in them daily—as a bonus, they also serve as great conversation starters. For added texture, organize items vertically and horizontally, making full use of the space. Get creative and have fun!

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