Daylight Saving Time: Tips for Adjusting

We’ve been enjoying long days and lots of sunlight for months, but it’s almost November, and with this autumn month comes the end of daylight saving time—the biannual shifting of the clocks in spring and fall. This year, November 3 is the big day to roll your clocks back one hour.  

Why do we practice daylight saving? 

For over 125 years, leaders have toyed with the idea of saving time. Germany was the first country to institute an official policy, so it’s troops could conserve energy during World War I. The United States likewise created legislation in the Uniform Time Act of 1966, and we have followed this “changing of the clocks” system ever since. Today, around 70 countries practice daylight saving. And although some US states are attempting to end the cycle in modern times, for now it’s a part of reality for those of us fortunate to call Colorado home. 

Here are some ideas to help lessen daylight saving time’s impact this November:

Actionable Tips

“Falling back” can be a bit easier on the body than March’s “springing forward,” but it still helps to have realistic expectations for the time adjustment.

  • Prepare Yourself—Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit sluggish on the first day of the change (Sunday). This is normal. In fact, it may take up to a week for your body to truly adjust to the change. Plan your week accordingly.
  • Keep It Consistent—Maintain your regular schedule of exercise and mealtimes, following the clock’s new time, to coax your body’s adjustment.  Also, resist the urge to sleep in on Sunday; instead, rise at your typical weekday time—this will help make Monday’s wakeup a smoother transition.
  • Give It Time—Ease into the change and be patient with your body as it adjusts, whether it takes one day or a full week. Allow yourself short naps, as necessary, but avoid them too close to bedtime, as this may wreak havoc on a full-night’s sleep.

As the days get shorter and winter sets in, this is a signal to our bodies and minds: it’s time to rest from the bustling season of activity behind us and rejuvenate for what lies ahead. This November 3, as you set your clocks back one hour, embrace the changing of the seasons and allow yourself time to adjust with grace.

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