Carefully selected custom home builders.

Want to build a custom home in Parker, near Castle Rock? Dreaming of open space with convenient access to South Denver? You've come to the right place.

New Custom Homes at Pradera can be built to suit by any of these outstanding builders. Learn more about them below. Each builder has a unique story but are all committed to building with integrity, quality, and artistry. Known throughout the Front Range, these builders have earned their reputations and stand proudly behind their work. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your custom home. 

Ades Design Builders

Ades Design Builders has been building in various parts of Colorado for over 25 years. With an exceptional and trusted team, they coordinate the skills of architects, craftsmen and contractors. "Open, honest beginnings always produce happy endings" is the motto for Ades Design and they strive to keep this promise by over performing and not by over selling. With an uncompromising attention to detail, strong contacts, experience and understanding, they easily avoid problems, while creating a unique and remarkable home. Their approach creates a synergy that adds value at every step and leads to a home that exceeds their customer's dreams.

Celebrity Custom Homes

Building something amazing. It’s what drives Celebrity Custom Homes. And every new day is a chance to outdo themselves. For over 50 years and two generations in the business, Celebrity has built some of Colorado’s most thoughtful homes. They love what they do and it shows in their work. The secret to their longevity is surprisingly simple. Celebrity doesn’t try to build the most homes, 18 to 20 a year maximum. Or the largest homes, although some are pretty impressive. And by staying small and nimble they are able to give every project their full expertise. Making sure even the parts you might never see are done beautifully and to their exacting standards. Celebrity's homes are defined by brilliant design, premium materials, stunning craftsmanship and, of course, exceptional livability.


Gregg Design Custom Builders

Gregg Design Custom Home Builders Inc, one of Denver's most highly regarded builders of custom homes, is the culmination of its owners’ nearly 30-years of building experience in the Metro area. Together, the family team of Gregg and Robert Carnicello has built hundreds of custom and semi-custom homes along the front-range. By working with a talented group of people in all specialties, Gregg Design provides a total package for the homebuyer. 

"We build only a few homes each year. We are not a large home builder and never intended to be." -Gregg Carnicello


Johnson & Sons

Strong backs... wind burned skin... calloused hands and the satisfaction of a job well executed! These are the characteristics that have been the hallmark of Johnson & Sons for more than three generations, a statement few builders can make or be as proud of. This family-owned and operated company is as traditional to Colorado as the Columbine flower. Their commitment to integrity runs deep within the core of their family and their commitment to their product is equally shared with their clients. Over the years, Johnson & Sons has developed excellent working relationships with subcontractors they trust. One of the company principals is always on the job site to closely supervise their work, assuring that each home they build meets their high standards.