Back to School: Pack a Fun, Healthy Lunchbox

It’s that time of year – back to school! As you set in motion the plans to get school supplies, clothes, equipment, and other gear, don’t forget about lunch. Here are some tips to help prepare a delicious, fun, and healthy lunch for your little scholar. Now, get packing!

  • Take advantage of seasonal delights. During this back to school season, we are so lucky to enjoy fresh tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, cherries, and a wide variety of other farm-grown fruits and veggies. Summer and early fall are great times to keep lunches healthy and delicious with mini-salads (the kind you can eat with your fingers, of course!), sandwiches, and fresh snacks. Spend a Saturday morning together at the local farmer’s market to pick out the ingredients.
  • Color Coordinate. If you are looking for a relatively simple lunchbox theme, pick a specific color and see what you come up with. For example, give in to your creative side and go with blue: Blueberries with yogurt, whole grain bread with a hint of grape jelly, and healthy (blue!) potato salad. How about orange? A clementine, some baby carrots, and a thermos of butternut squash soup as we transition to fall. How about school spirit week, using the school’s colors? You get the idea. And we’re sure the kiddos will have ideas and suggestions, too!
  • Go with what works. It is easy to get caught up in novelties and complicated ideas for school lunches, but really your kids just want to eat what they like. Therefore, go with what works! Try different combinations of yogurt, vegetables, meats, cheese, fruits, and crackers. As long as they are getting nutrients, nothing else really matters. If they are willing to eat a combination of healthy ingredients, then give them what they want and simply change it up every few days.

Just because we are going back to school doesn’t mean summer is over yet! Pradera residents have plenty of time to lounge at the pool and relax at The Club at Pradera. It’s still summertime, and the livin’ is still easy. 

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