Back to School 2020: Education Reimagined

We can all agree life looks a little different these days, and back to school is no exception. August is typically a time of gathering school supplies, refreshing our kiddos’ wardrobes, and planning healthy meals for lunchtime. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions will require families to take a new approach to education. For most, this means starting the year in a hybrid system, with only two days per week of in-person learning.

As you prepare for back to school, be sure to stay informed and know the rules. Check out Douglas County’s Road to Return plan HERE. In this thorough guide you’ll find a wealth of information to answer all your questions, big and small. 

Strategies for Success

Here are some strategies to set your family up for a successful 2020/2021 school year:

Establish a schedule

Whether you’ve opted for hybrid learning or chosen the eLearning path for your kiddo(s), adhering to a daily schedule will pay dividends in establishing a new routine that resembles “normal.” What would their day look like if the kids were at school, Monday through Friday, just like in years past? Take that information and follow the same schedule at home. Set a wake-up alarm, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and alternate focus and free time according to the schedule. Consider your screen time policy and enforce it just as you would if the kids were attending a full day (and full week) in the classroom. 

Set up a designated workstation

A clutter-free, designated workstation helps a child stay focused, alert, and productive. This space could be anywhere in the home—a nook, a desk, the kitchen island, or a quiet spot tucked under the stairs. Include only what is necessary to avoid distractions, and have some rules in place regarding keeping the space tidy. Even an organized area can get messy in a hurry; in fact, it should be expected. But having basic, easy-to-follow systems in place to keep the papers, binders, supplies, and textbooks in order goes a long way. 

Go with the flow

In these ever-changing, uncertain times, sometimes the best thing is to go with the flow. Stay informed, both in terms of school and the situation at large, but beyond that, just remember to do the following each day:

  • Practice flexibility
  • Allow time to adjust
  • Take it day by day
  • Find the silver lining

School, in its new iteration, starts Monday, August 17. Good luck!

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